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It's All About You!

Cosmedica Natural Day Spa


Feel Well... Look Well... Be Well... 


Multitasker--that's you.  And time is money.  We get it.  


That's why you can get all of your professional grooming needs met at Cosmedica, under one roof:

  • hairstyling, cutting, conditioning & coloring
  • manicure & pedicure
  • facial
  • hair removal
  • massage
  • body detox, body scrub
  • teeth-whitening

Each service begins with an assessment.  This gives you the ability to choose the service and products that best meet your unique needs.  Plus, what we don't use is just as important as what we do use.  Enjoy all-natural, organic & vegan products for your services, right down to the nail lacquer.  Enjoy peace of mind by avoiding exposure to toxic parabens, SLS, DEAs, formaldehyde, butyl acetate, and other junk.  Enjoy knowing that what's going on your skin, hair & nails is safe, gentle & effective.    


Enjoy living closer to Earth at Cosmedica--your trusted partner for promoting your wellness!

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